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Revenue’s Automatic Email Logging Saves Sales Teams 28 Hours Per Month

Revenue Blog  > Revenue’s Automatic Email Logging Saves Sales Teams 28 Hours Per Month
2 min readSeptember 23, 2020

From day one, our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce has offered automatic Salesforce call logging. This has saved our customers a lot of time and headaches (trust me – logging calls manually is always expected, and never fun). But we also know that today’s SDRs, inbound sales reps and account executives don’t just talk to prospects on the phone. They also send a lot of email.

In order to make reps more productive when they call and email prospects, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve integrated email functionality into our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce. Reps can now launch an email in your browser, and log the ensuing email as an activity in Salesforce.

Ensure Every Email is Logged

Logging emails in Salesforce is a must. It helps sales reps and managers keep track of the cadence of contacts with leads and opportunities. But logging emails in Salesforce manually is a hassle. Salesforce requires you to copy and paste a lengthy snippet into your BCC field every time you send a sales email. I know, because I’ve done it more times than I can count. If you’ve done it, then you already know how much of a time-suck it can be. And let’s be honest – asking reps to jump through hoops in order to log data in Salesforce usually results in reps not logging data in CRM.

Save 28 Hours a Month

So how much time can Revenue.io save? According McKinsey, sales reps spend about 28% of their time managing email. At around two minutes an email, that’s roughly in line with the 100 emails per day (and 500 emails per week) prescribed by Predictable Revenue author Aaron Ross. And when sales reps are very efficient, they can manually log an email in about five seconds. So for a team of 10, Revenue.io’s email logging feature alone saves 7 hours per week, or 28 hours per month!

Works With Your Favorite Email Provider and Plugins

Revenue.io can integrate with a variety of email platforms, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud and more. It also won’t get in the way of your favorite email plugins like Yesware, assistant.to or SalesforceIQ.

The results? Your reps will spend less time logging data and more time propelling deals through your sales funnel.

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