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Objections Are Just Questions

2 min readSeptember 24, 2021

Objection is a funny word as it’s applied to sales.

The buyer objects to your price? Not really.

The buyer has an objection to your product features? Not really.

Your buyer doesn’t care enough to object.

“I object!”

The trouble with using the word “objection” is that it doesn’t accurately portray the buyer’s perspective.

Objection implies that the buyer somehow feels more emotion about your pricing, features, etc. than actually they do.

Remember, the buyer is just trying to solve a problem and achieve a business outcome.

They have a lot of options. They don’t care whether they buy from you or a competitor.

However, they can’t make a purchase decision if they don’t understand how the product or service they are evaluating will help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind as you work with a prospect.

Their objection usually is not a protest. It’s just a question.

An objection is an effort on the part of the buyer to seek clarification on some aspect of your offer.

For instance, they don’t “object” to your pricing. They just don’t understand it.

However, your buyers will object to being pressed to make a decision about something they don’t completely understand.

So, instead of getting defensive or nervous when your buyer raises an “objection” ask yourself this: “What’s the question they are trying to answer?”

An objection is your cue to ask the buyer your own questions.

Find out where the gaps are in their understanding.

Do some additional discovery. And when you have more facts, then do some additional qualification.

The result of your additional questioning may be that once you’ve clarified your offer, your price is too high. Or perhaps the buyer is no longer a fit for your product.

That’s ok. Disqualify that prospect and move on.

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