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The End of Salesforce’s CTI Toolkit Ushers in a New Age of Cloud Telephony

2 min readApril 22, 2014

Last week, salesforce.com announced that they will officially stop supporting their CTI Toolkit. We see this as a progressive move on the part of salesforce.com, as it signals that they are moving away from premise-based CTI deployments. But does this mean that companies will no longer be able to have phone systems that interact with Salesforce data? Far from it! The death of the Salesforce CTI Toolkit merely clears the path for companies like Revenue.io, that are offering cloud-based telephony solutions. Our solution not only requires no hardware, but it goes far beyond the capabilities of Salesforce’s CTI Toolkit to fully revolutionize sales processes.

Salesforce_Cloud_TelephonyPaul Fischer, Salesforce.com Administrator for Bernard Health, recently wrote an article about the implications of salesforce.com pulling the kill switch on their CTI Toolkit. In his article, Fischer brings up the point that more and more Salesforce users are turning to third-party CTI and cloud telephony vendors in order to extend the life of their existing phone systems. This is due to the fact that building an adapter on Open CTI is often costly. “You can … build an adaptor on Open CTI for premise-based phone systems,” Fischer points out, “ this is usually a very large undertaking as evidenced by the large third-party Open CTI and consulting industry.”

Fischer recommends buying a prefabricated third-party cloud telephony solution as an alternative. He is quick to point out that there is still a good deal of resistance from customers who aren’t ready to abandon their existing phone systems. When we built the Revenue.io platform, we thought it was important to give our customers options. While many of our customers are ready to take the leap to 100% cloud-based telephony, we have other customers who are looking to add Salesforce integration to their existing phone systems.

Like Salesforce, we believe that the tomorrow’s business phones will be 100% cloud based, enabling sales reps to benefit from contextual data in real time. And we always encourage our customers to consider making the leap to the cloud. As Fischer points out in his article, moving to a cloud-based browser phone that integrates with Salesforce might be disruptive technology, but it won’t disrupt workflow. “They simply have Salesforce open. It’s a much more integrated experience, and keep your reps where they should be focused–in Salesforce.com.”

The reason many customers investigate CTI solutions for Salesforce in the first place is to trigger screen pops that provide sales reps with CRM data during calls. Revenue.io can revolutionize your sales processes by delivering contextual data from Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook  and other data sources.

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