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Is AI-powered coaching the next must-have sales technology?

1 min readJanuary 11, 2021

Every rep knows what it’s like to make a mistake during a call that costs them a deal. But what if you could automatically warn reps right before they make a mistake, and more importantly, keep them from making the same ones over and over again? It may sound like science fiction, but thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, AI-powered coaching can now warn reps when they’re about to botch a call and tell them how to take corrective action.

Join our panel of experts including Howard Brown, Andy Paul, and Ryan Vaillancourt for an on-demand webinar that examines the next frontier in sales coaching: AI-powered coaching. The panel will also reveal best practices for using AI-powered coaching to drive more revenue in 2021.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How AI-powered coaches are transforming sales coaching
  • The secret to winning more competitive deals using AI
  • 5 ways AI-powered coaches can prevent botched sales calls
  • How AI-powered guidance can help even new reps can overcome sales objections like seasoned pros

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see the most transformative sales technology of 2021!


About the Author

Mara McLeanRevenue.io

Mara is a Content Marketing Manager at Revenue.io, the revenue acceleration platform that leverages AI to transform sales teams into high-performing revenue engines. Mara is a passionate and creative storyteller who enjoys bringing a little bit of fun into B2B marketing.