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We Want to Find the Top Sales Coach of 2024

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3 min readOctober 5, 2023

Join Revenue.io’s search for the greatest sales coach in the world.

Sales coaches are among the single biggest drivers of success for any sales team, and it’s time they get the spotlight.

In the age of data, metrics, KPIs, analysis, trends, and charts, sales is ultimately still a human endeavor. Numbers don’t sell, humans do.

Every single sales metric is simply a measurement of human engagement. That’s why sales coaches are some of the unsung heroes of the sales world. When you need to increase your sales performance, you don’t adjust a dial, you learn to uncover needs better, address questions, and handle objections. You learn to communicate and understand, and it’s a sales coach that helps you do that.

That’s why we’re launching the Top Sales Coach Competition to find and crown the world’s greatest sales coaches. We’re also incredibly excited to bring in a panel of the most recognized sales coaching experts:

  • Becc Holland, CEO & Founder of Flip the Script
  • Deb Calvert, President of People First Productivity Solutions
  • Shari Levitin, CEO of the Levitin Group
  • Lori Harmon, VP of Global Cloud Sales & CS at Netapp
  • Alice Heiman, Founder & CSO of Alice Heiman, LLC.
  • Alexandria Smith, Global Sales Development Manager at Headspace
  • Bridget Gleason, Head of Sales & Customer Success at Tidelift
  • Brynne Tillman, CEO of Social Sales Link
  • Denise Hayman, CRO of Expel
  • Carole Mahoney, Founder & Chief Sales Coach of Unbound Growth
  • Luciana Vecchi, Head of Americas Enablement at AWS
  • Sally Duby, CSO of The Bridge Group

Anyone can submit an entry to the contest during the next few weeks. A group of finalists will be selected by popular vote, and a panel of sales coaching experts will crown the winner.

If you win the title of Top Sales Coach, you will receive: $1,000, a guest spot on the hugely popular Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul, a Top Sales Coach award for your LinkedIn Profile, and feedback from our panel of industry-leading sales experts.

Only one can win the title of Top Sales Coach, but five others will also be named to the following:

  • Finalist: made it to the final round but didn’t quite earn the #1 spot
  • Most Entertaining: The call coach that makes us laugh and has the most fun
  • Rising Star: The call coach who is not yet a manager but has the most potential
  • Tough Love: The most brutal, but maybe the most honest?
  • The Pioneer: The call coach that is totally original with new techniques and ideas

The winners of these prizes will also receive Top Sales Coach LinkedIn Badges and feedback from the expert panel.

To Enter:

  1. Visit topcoach.revenue.io
  2. Choose ONE of the three pre-recorded sales calls to coach
  3. Record a video of you coaching the rep who made the call
  4. Submit your video
  5. Don’t forget to vote!


  • Your video can be up to 2 minutes long
  • Be creative! The more unique the better.
  • Record on your phone, using Zoom, Loom, or any other software.

Subject to terms and conditions.