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Introducing Revenue One-Sided Call Recordings to Unlock More Coaching Opportunities

2 min readSeptember 14, 2020

Revenue.io Agent-Only Call Recording Functionality Helps Businesses Expand Coachable Moments to Every Call

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Sales and marketing teams are well aware of the benefits of call recordings when it comes to sales conversations. Recording a call provides an opportunity for coaching, performance improvement, and quality assurance.

More importantly, pairing Revenue.io call recording functionality with Revenue.io ConversationAI results in a perfect one-two punch to take your sales coaching and performance to the next level. ConversationAI is our AI-powered conversation intelligence that makes managers and reps more productive and effective by surfacing key coachable moments and unlocking custom call libraries for continuous learning.

Historically Revenue.io has enabled only two-sided call recordings, which supports the majority of use cases in the US as most states only require one-party consent. However, we heard that customers who were calling into two-party consent states were not able to take full advantage of Revenue.io call coaching and conversationAI capabilities because of jurisdictional constraints.

We are now excited to be able to offer one-sided call recordings now, so only the agent on your side can be recorded if desired. This new setting unlocks more opportunities to leverage call recording data for coaching opportunities, quality assurance, automated keyword detection, and scaling team performance with Revenue.io ConversationAI.

To learn more about our new call recordings functionality, check out this video here and contact your Revenue.io Support Rep to have this enabled for your org!