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How to Improve Your Sales Calls by Reviewing Coaching Feedback in Conversation AI

2 min readFebruary 23, 2022

Sales leaders want their sales coaching efforts to be scaled across their entire team, even the coaching and feedback they give to a single rep. After all, that’s how you build a culture of coaching so that your team is always improving, and this is one of the main benefits of having a conversation intelligence solution, like Conversation AI by Revenue.io. 

In this video, we’re going to show you how sales reps can take advantage of coachable moments from their peer’s calls by using the advanced search functionality in Conversation AI by Revenue.io. 

Finding coaching opportunities and learning from peers

In Conversation AI, navigate to the Conversations tab. As a sales rep, to find all of the phone calls that the sales leadership team or peers have provided coaching on, navigate over to the Engagement tab and choose all phone calls that have annotations. 

Now, look for the phone calls that are audio phone calls because we want to specifically hear how reps are handling specific situations and objections on prospecting calls. To do that, select Audio Call under the Call Details tab. 

Next, at the top, we can see the filters that are being applied. In this example, we’re looking at calls that have annotations and that are audio phone calls. This is a list of all the calls that meet those requirements. 

To listen to a phone call, click the arrow on the right-hand side. Once you’re in the call, you can see when the rep is speaking and when the buyer is speaking. 

Since we’re interested specifically in the coaching that was given to the sales rep (in this case, it’s Roni), we’re going to click the Annotations tab. You’ll see at the top of the audio bar where each of these annotations have been left on the phone call by locating the green dot under the audio bar. 

In this example, it looks like Roni did a great job on her research prior to the phone call, which is fantastic. But now we want to find some of the constructive feedback sales coaches and peers gave to Roni. Her colleague, Amber, left an annotation for Roni with a recommendation for another way to respond to the prospect.

Now, Roni can go into Conversation AI, review her call and listen to Amber’s feedback so that next time that she is in that situation, she can use Amber’s recommendation and handle that call differently. 

Conversation intelligence: the future of sales coaching 

Ready to take your sales coaching to the next level? Learn more about Conversation AI.