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Here’s Our 2017 Guide to Inside Sales Analytics

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1 min readJanuary 19, 2020

If you were to take a cross-section of all the world’s top performing sales leaders, I bet you’d find something important they have in common: they are perpetually on the hunt for new opportunities to optimize sales ROI. They are always on the lookout for new metrics to track that can help them make smarter revenue predictions, improve reps’ performance or do a better job retaining customers.

cover-2017-guide-analytics-smIn order to help your team discover new ways to drive success, we’ve greatly expanded our Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics for 2017. We included a slew of inbound metrics, outbound metrics, predictive analytics and customer success metrics. Each metric in the book is thoroughly explained, revealing what it measures and why it’s important to track. All of the analytics included are the result of countless discussions with customers, sales leaders and some of the world’s top sales trainers. In fact, we even got some highly successful sales luminaries to reveal the single metric that they think can make the biggest difference in your sales organization.

Be sure to download the latest version of our Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics if your team:

  • Sells to inbound or outbound leads
  • Has a culture that values metrics and sales intelligence
  • Wants to retain current customers longer
  • Is curious which metrics top sales experts think you should be tracking

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