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Product Update Announcement – Expanded View for Additional SFDC Lead and Contact fields

2 min readSeptember 30, 2018

Enabling reps to have hyper-contextualized sales conversations

42% of sales reps feel they don’t have enough information before calling a prospect. And when they try to locate it, they have to search and toggle between multiple applications and windows, including Salesforce. This means reps are unprepared to have quality sales conversations without the right information in front of them about the opportunity. With today’s buyer-led purchase process, a knowledgeable sales rep is not just one that knows about the product their selling, but about the prospect they’re speaking to, their previous interactions with the team, and more.

Fingertip access to CRM information important to your business

Revenue.io now supports up to 10 additional Salesforce fields per lead or contact record, allowing you to customize the Intelligent Dialer to visualize critical context without leaving the dialer. Reps shouldn’t have to “live” in Salesforce to do the one thing they do best: making the sale.

More information = more room

Tabbed view for Details and Activity

With the additional Salesforce fields that can be displayed for a lead or contact, we’ve built separate views for Details and Activity.

Details shows users all related lead or contact record information, plus additional fields underneath. The Activity tab shows a consolidated view of all past user history including calls, messages, notes, tasks, and emails.


Expanded View

To take it a step further, reps can also utilize an expanded view to accommodate any additional Salesforce data in the Intelligent dialer. With a single click, reps can see a side-by-side view of both the details and activity feed for quick reference.


This optimized view enhances a rep’s user experience, allowing them to customize a view that improves their overall efficiency.

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