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Easy Call Tracking for Salesforce.com

2 min readApril 3, 2020

Before building Revenue.io, we spent years on the marketing agency side, and were bewildered by the absence of call tracking systems that used best practices when passing call metrics to Salesforce.com. As anyone who has done any custom CRM workflow knows, deviating from best practices can quickly get very expensive and very messy. Of particular concern was the lack of a call tracking solution that properly used Salesforce Campaigns, which are the cornerstone of marketing metrics in Salesforce.com

Since we couldn’t find a phone call tracking tool that worked the way we thought it should, we decided to go ahead and build one ourselves. We quickly came to the conclusion that in an ideal world, marketers should be able to track virtually anything through unique phone numbers – a phone number in a PDF, in a radio ad, on a website, or in an AdWords ad. The AdWords component took the most planning since we knew that many AdWords users would be content simply to track all calls coming from their AdWords spend, while others would want to track at the campaign or ad groups level, and still others would want to get even more granular and track at the keyword level. The trick was creating a product that seamlessly passes data to Salesforce.com, without the headaches of custom CRM configuration.

We’re quite proud of the solution. You can quickly associate any number to any marketing channel. Then, with a single click, you can associate any number with any existing Salesforce campaign. Better yet, if the campaign that you want doesn’t already exist, you can create it instantly without ever having to leave Revenue.io.