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New Revenue Feature: Access and Reassign Voicemail from Your Web Browser

2 min readJune 18, 2013

Here at Revenue.io, we’re obsessed with transforming business communications. To that end, we’re constantly listening to customer feedback and working on innovative features to solve various pain points. We just rolled out a new feature that we think will help sales teams collaborate to drive ROI. You can now not only access and listen to your voicemail messages from your web browser, but you can also  use our tool to reassign them. Finally, Revenue.io now enables you to manage group voicemails.

Reassigning Voicemails

Why would you need to share a voicemail with a colleague? Three surprisingly common scenarios: 

1 – Delegation – Sales managers tend to be busy, and sometimes they don’t have time to return every call. With our new feature, managers can delegate voicemails to anyone for follow-up, freeing them up to spend time following up with the leads that most demand their attention.

2 – Sharing – Sometimes, sales agents need to share voicemails with a manager.

3 – Errors – No matter how sophisticated your call routing rules and IVR menus are, some customers and prospects will still inevitably end up leaving voicemails in the wrong place. 

Manage Business Voicemails from Your Web Browser

Premium sales users can now easily access Revenue.io from their browser and reassign voicemails to any agent in their org. This can be helpful in a number of scenarios. Imagine that a sales agent receives a voicemail from a lead inquiring about a specific product.  While that sales agent’s company might offer the product, perhaps that particular agent simply isn’t an expert on its feature set. No problem. The voicemail can be transferred to a colleague or supervisor who is familiar with that product’s feature set so that they can follow up with the lead.


Reassign Voicemails on Browser with Revenue.io

Managing Group Voicemails

Revenue.io enables users to establish sales groups that can collaborate using our call queue feature. When incoming calls stack up, sales reps in a group can use the queue to prioritize leads. But when calls come in during off hours and no one is available to answer, those calls might then go to a group voicemail. With our added functionality, a sales manager can then assign voicemails to anyone in the group using Revenue.io’s browser app.