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No Sales Call Serves a Single Purpose

2 min readAugust 5, 2021

Playbooks and processes that define stages and calls with a single purpose, for instance, like a discovery call, are misleading.

First of all, there is no such thing as “a discovery call.”

No single sales interaction serves a single purpose.

If you think it does, then perhaps that’s where you’re running into trouble trying to be of value to your buyers.

Every interaction with a buyer is composed of multiple activities. And, as a seller, you have to be aware and capitalize on all of them..

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a first call with a buyer or one of the last calls before a decision, in every sales interaction there will be:

Connection building.

The connection with the buyer(s) can never be too perfected.

Credibility building. And trust building.

You’ll never have too much credibility. Or, be too trustworthy.

Discovery. In both directions.

You can never have too much understanding of the buyer and what’s most important to them. And they can never have too much understanding of the outcomes they can achieve with your solution.

Qualification. In both directions.

Buyer’s evolve as they move through their buying journey. Their perception of your suitability as a vendor will evolve too. At the same time, as the buyer evolves they may become more, or less, qualified to purchase your solution.

Story telling.

The Vision of Success that you co-create with your buyer must be fine-tuned and re-told as the buyer continues to educate themselves and develop a deeper understanding of how they’ll achieve their desired outcomes.


Are you worth an additional investment of their time? Are they worth yours?

It’s important that you stop thinking of your middle of the funnel sales processes as being self-contained finite. And confined to a single sales step.

They aren’t. They continue until a decision is made. And, they often continue even after the prospect becomes a customer.

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