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Mental Health Awareness Month

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2 min readMay 5, 2021

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

According to a recent Johns Hopkins study, 26% of US adults suffered mental illness in 2020.

Research suggests that mental illness among sellers is even more prevalent. And it’s been compounded by the unprecedented stresses brought on by the pandemic. And by the transition to work from anywhere that has left sellers feeling even more isolated and alone than usual.

But this is not a one-time phenomenon. Nearly half of all adults in the US will experience mental illness in their lifetime.

The point is that few of us will escape unscathed.

However, a recent survey has found sellers generally feel unable to talk openly about their mental health challenges. Only 40% of sellers indicated that they felt safe to do so.

We need to be much more aware of how mental illness affects the people we work with. And much more supportive in helping them cope with these challenges.

So, throughout this month on Sales Enablement with Andy Paul, I’ll be hosting a series of conversations about depression, addiction, recovery, support, wellness and second chances.

You’ll hear some powerful personal stories from my guests that hopefully can inspire others in sales to seek the support and help they need.

Be sure to check these out. First up tomorrow is my conversation with Richard Harris and Howard Brown. Richard shares his personal story about mental health. And then we dig into some recent survey data about troubling mental health trends in B2B sales.

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