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9 Game-Changing Stats About Outbound Sales Calls!

Revenue Blog  > 9 Game-Changing Stats About Outbound Sales Calls!
2 min readJanuary 13, 2020

Whether you have a team of dedicated sales development reps (SDRs) making outbound sales calls or inside sales reps that spend some of their time on out outbound prospecting there are enormous opportunities to grow revenue. To help set you on your path to crushing outbound sales, here are nine bellwether statistics about outbound sales calls. They include some key benchmarks, provide actionable strategic insights and reveal some powerful opportunities that are available by adopting sales acceleration tools.


1. 9% of outbound calls result in conversations. (Source: OpenView<<Tweet this stat!

2. 23% of conversations result in appointments. (Source OpenView<<Tweet this stat!

3. For every 1000 accounts prospected by your SDR group in a given quarter, 33 should be accepted into the sales pipeline (Source: The Bridge Group<<Tweet this stat!

Sales Acceleration Technology

4. Using a local presence dialer can boost call connection rates by almost 400% (Source: Software Advice<<Tweet this stat!

5. Dialing technology enables reps to dial an average of 48% more prospects daily. (Source: The Bridge Group<<Tweet this Stat!

6. Dialing technology enables reps to have 15% more sales conversations daily. (Source: The Bridge Group<<Tweet this Stat!

Outbound Calling Windows

7. The best times to dial B2B leads are: Wed-Thurs. 8-9am, 4-6 pm (Source: MIT<<Tweet this stat!

8. The worst times to dial B2B leads are Monday 6am-noon, Friday afternoons (Source: MIT<<Tweet this stat!

Outbound Follow-Up

9. The average sales development rep (SDR) only makes 4 calls when 12 are needed (Source: Power Prospecting Webinar<<Tweet this stat!