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3 Call Routing Tips that Can Increase Inbound Sales ROI

Revenue Blog  > 3 Call Routing Tips that Can Increase Inbound Sales ROI
3 min readMay 19, 2020

When our customers reach out to us it’s an important moment. Virtually no one calls companies to chat idly. Think about the last time you called a business. Chances are you either were seriously interested in making a purchase or you needed immediate customer service. When your prospects are ready to have a serious sales conversation there are few things more frustrating to them than being routed to an agent ROI on Blue Puzzle Pieces. Business Concept.that isn’t able to help you. Fortunately, call routing technology has made it easier than ever to route customers to the right reps with minimal interference. But a sound call routing strategy will not only improve your customers’ satisfaction, it can also radically improve your company’s lead-to-close rates.

Here are three ways to use call routing to close more ROI from inbound calls.

Route Calls to Product Specialists

Having the right conversation with the right rep can drive powerful outcomes. To that end, it can pay to separate a sales team into product specialists. Imagine a company that sells three complex revenue management software systems. It would be very difficult to truly master selling all three offerings. But it’s a lot easier (and faster) to train a rep to sell one of those products really well. Since Revenue.io’s call routing tool integrates with our call tracking system, our customers can automatically route calls from any marketing promotion or keyword. For example, as prospect who called that company after searching Google for “hotel revenue management software” could be auto-routed to a rep experienced in selling that product.

Prioritize Calls in Queues Based on Marketing Sources

Several of our customers route calls to a queue in order to maximize agent usage and minimize callers’ hold times. But since our routing tool integrates with call tracking, there is an added benefit. Reps can prioritize calls in a queue based on marketing referral source. This can be incredibly powerful. As an example, a rep could choose to take an inbound call from a lead who clicked on an ad for a more expensive product over a lead who clicked on an ad for a less expensive product. This can help a sales team ensure that the hottest leads get the necessary attention.

Route Calls to A-Players

Some companies have found success by not simply prioritizing customers, but also prioritizing salespeople. Let’s face it, at most sales organizations there are going to be a few reps who are just better at closing deals. Companies can leverage this by routing inbound calls to reps in order of their closing rate. If the top closer is unavailable, a call can be quickly routed to the rep with the second highest close rate, and so on. This can help ensure that A-Players are being utilized as much as possible. Revenue.io’s call routing wizard makes it easy to route calls to reps in any specific order you like. This can be a powerful feature, since sending calls to top salespeople is likely to lead to more closed deals than routing calls to reps randomly.

Using intelligent call routing is just one way to accelerate inbound sales. Our latest free eBook will show you more ways to accelerate inbound sales ROI.