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Checklists, cheat sheets and other tools to help sales managers create high-performing sales teams.

5 Prospecting Process Problems Preventing Pipeline
The 5 process challenges we see all the time along with proven solutions
5 Generative AI Trends Sales Leaders Should Be Following
5 powerful generative AI stats that reveal how sales teams are being impacted
5 Conversational Moments When Sellers Lose the Deal
How we offer conversational guidance to our own team using AI
5 Ways Your Sales Process is Out of Sync with Today’s Buyers
How to bring your sales team up to date with the current state of buying
5 Common AE Mistakes and What to Do Instead
The top 5 mistakes that are costing AEs the deal
How to Close Deals Faster
A 7-step checklist for reducing deal cycle length to drive growth
How to Answer the 5 Toughest Sales Questions in Real Time
Practical tips for using AI to guide sellers through the most difficult questions they face
The 5 Most Common Complaints About Sales Engagement Platforms
Top issues teams are facing with their sales engagement platforms according to public reviews and our own data from millions of sales conversations
The 30-Day Rep Improvement Plan
A new coaching template for driving fast results
3 Conversation Recap Email Templates Every Sales Rep Needs
3 conversation recap templates to save reps time and move deals forward
How AI-Powered Deal Coaching Can Improve Win Rates and Customer Experiences
How to uplevel coaching effectiveness and achieve more with your existing team
Is Your CEO a Skeptic or Industry Change Agent?
Amid the frenzy surrounding generative AI, a technological force capable of unleashing disruptive waves, CEOs stand at the precipice of a pivotal decision.