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Why Marketers Using Salesforce are Waking Up to Call Tracking

3 min readJanuary 27, 2015

More marketers are leading inbound sales teams, but even if your inbound sales team doesn’t report directly to Marketing, marketers still have the power and—in my opinion— the responsibility to help sales reps succeed. And one of the best ways to enable sales is by using a call tracking system. Call tracking software is routinely used by marketers to see the impact of their efforts on inbound calls. Call tracking tools can help marketers do a better job of investing in the campaigns and keywords that drive the best calls.

And by using a call tracking tool that integrates with Salesforce, marketers not only gain the ability to see which efforts drive calls that result in opportunities and revenue, but they can also share call tracking data with inbound sales reps in real time. The result is that sales reps can do a far better job of qualifying and converting inbound phone leads.

Thinking about trying a call tracking solution? Here are some important reasons why our customers are waking up to the benefits of call tracking for marketers and salespeople alike.

Inbound Calls are On the Rise

I remember hearing talk a few years ago that the death of the business phone was imminent. But the opposite turned out to be true. According to BIA Kelsey, businesses spend 64.6 billion a year just to generate inbound calls! BIA/Kelsey also reports that inbound calls driven by mobile search alone are growing at a 42% compound annual growth rate! So if you haven’t already notice an upsurge in calls, you’re probably about to.

With increasing inbound call volume, it becomes more important than ever to be able to know, in real time, which campaigns are driving the best calls. Having access to real-time call tracking dashboards in Salesforce can enable you to see which efforts are driving calls that turn into opportunities and revenue. You can therefore do a far better job of investing in the right efforts.

Phone Leads Rule!

The same report from BIA/Kelsey also reveals that 66.4% of companies surveyed report calls as a high-quality lead source—higher than any other. I recently took some inbound sales calls and I have to say, the phone leads were awesome. Sure, during your lead qualification process, you may find some phone leads to be unsuitable for one reason or another. But if you’re doing your inbound marketing correctly, most phone leads have already researched your offering and are reaching out to have a serious sales conversation. Think about it, most people don’t call sales reps for fun. When was the last time you called a sales rep and weren’t seriously considering making a purchase? With a call tracking solution you can make every advertising dollar count in order to generate as many of those high-value inbound phone leads as possible!

Call Tracking Can Help Sales Reps Close More Revenue

One of my favorite things about using a call tracking system is that call tracking data not only helps me make smarter investments as a marketer, but it also can be used to influence the outcome of calls.

Our call tracking solution integrates with an intelligent call routing engine that can automatically send callers to the perfect specialist based on the campaign that triggered the call. For example, say you sell web hosting packages for enterprise clients and SMBs. Ads that are directed at enterprise clients could automatically route to a rep or queue of reps that specialize in selling your enterprise product. Then, that referral source data can be used to trigger a CTI screen pop that provide reps with smart talking points, contact history and other valuable contextual details. The result is that reps can do a far better job of converting inbound callers into customers. And with our call tracking system, you’ll gain a real-time view of call outcomes in Salesforce.