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3 Ways to Guarantee Your Inside Sales Reps Reach Their Full Potential

2 min readOctober 4, 2016

Ask yourself a question: how many of your sales reps are truly selling at their full potential? Sure, you may have reps that are hitting quota, even some outstanding reps on your team. But what if every member of your sales team could book even more meetings, close more deals and drive more revenue?

As a sales coach, you have the power to help every rep on your team reach their full potential. By tracking the right metrics, providing the right feedback and outfitting your reps with the right tools, the gains can be exponential. Keep in mind that, in order to help your reps max out, that coaching has to be continuous. You can’t simply provide a month of training and then be hands off. The best sales coaches take a hands-on approach to leading their teams. They use all the data at their disposal to consistently provide reps with actionable feedback.

To get you started, here are three proven ways to help reps improve steadily over time.

Use Metrics to Identify Coaching Opportunities

Don’t just have metrics for metrics’ sake. From a training perspective, sales metrics provide directional data that you as a manager can then take and make your reps more successful. If, for example, the data shows that there are people who have a lot of conversations but don’t create a whole lot of opportunities, that’s an opportunity to listen in and train reps to be more successful.

Learn from Wins

Post-win surveys are critical for us. At Revenue.io, we do a lot of post-sales surveys, finding out how we won the deal, who we were competing with, and what it was that ultimately got the prospect over the line. Customers love answering our questions, and we learn a lot about our marketing, the quality of our support, the value that actually drove the deal over the line, and most of all, about how our sales team performed. Aligning a sales team around where your company has won in the past will lead to future wins.


Invest in Coaching Tools

In most companies, it takes reps weeks or months to get ramped up, and it often takes around two years for reps to reach their full potential. But waiting nearly two years to get your investment back isn’t something I feel comfortable with. That’s why sales coaching tools are so important. You need tools that help you steadily coach reps as they evolve in their role. Look for tools that offer continuous feedback that you can use to optimize sales activities to achieve desired goals.


For more tips from top sales leaders on how your reps can reach their full potential, check out our recent eBook.