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The Power of Tracking Call Conversions in Salesforce.com

3 min readOctober 24, 2013

As marketers, we talk a lot about generating leads and driving ROI. But when customers receive the right messages across every touch point, revenue follows. Tracking the impact of marketing campaigns on inbound call activity in Salesforce.com is a powerful way for marketers to determine which marketing campaigns create valuable customer relationships. The result of doing this, along with tracking tradition metrics, is that marketers can invest more in the campaigns that  offer the best returns.

Salesforce Customer Company Revenue.io

Understanding call metrics can help every company answer Salesforce.com’s Questions to Becoming a Customer Company

The Power of the Marketing Cloud

Like our customers, we use Salesforce.com daily to manage our relationships. As someone with first-hand experience working as a sales rep and marketer in organizations without a CRM, I know how much easier it is to offer customers a great experience when you can see their purchase and contact history right there in Salesforce. It sure beats scrambling for customer data in email inboxes, spreadsheets and yes, on scraps of notebook paper. And with their recent acquisitions, Salesforce is now giving marketers a reason to rejoice, offering robust marketing automation and social media marketing functionality. We’re impressed with what Salesforce has assembled, and Revenue.io gives marketers one more reason to make Salesforce the center of the marketing analysis engine.

The Benefits of Tracking Phone Call Conversions in Salesforce.com

Phone call conversion tracking in Salesforce.com can quickly give marketers key metrics that can help them maximize the impact of their marketing budget. By tracking call metrics in Salesforce.com, marketers can:

  1. Know which efforts and keywords drive successful calls.
  2. Get credit for every lead, opportunity and dollar of revenue closed over the phone.
  3. Share marketing data with sales reps in real time so that reps will instantly know what to sell inbound prospects based on the marketing promotion, keyword or URL that caused them to call.
  4. Gain real-time feedback from sales reps into lead quality — Revenue.io enables sales reps to rate every call, and instantly log those ratings in Salesforce.

Track Call Conversions & Become a Customer Company

Over the last year, Revenue.io has evolved into a robust communications platform with solutions for marketing and inside sales. But at the very beginning, we simply wanted to create an app that enables marketers to track conversions and ROI from calls in Salesforce.com. By using Revenue.io, marketers can track call conversion metrics in Salesforce.com automatically. If you’ve already invested in Salesforce, there’s no need to purchase software that makes guesses at call conversions based on vocal inflection. You can simply see, in real time, which marketing campaigns drive leads, opportunities and revenue over the phone. This enables marketers to make smarter investments and pivot messaging based on facts, not speculation.

As we gear up for this year’s Dreamforce, we’re excited about Salesforce’s theme of being a “customer company,” because it is so in line with our own philosophy. When customers pick up their phones to call your business, it’s a moment of truth. There are few greater demonstrations of demand. That’s why it is so vital to know which messages are causing the right leads to call. That’s why it is so important to track call conversions. By using Revenue.io to track phone call metrics in Salesforce.com, marketers can invest in efforts with messages that actually resonate with customers.