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13 Insanely Tweet-able Sales Tips from Salesforce’s New eBook

2 min readFebruary 24, 2016

100SalesTipsfor2016-coverI just got finished reading Salesforce’s recent eBook, which features 100 sales tips from a wide variety of sales and marketing leaders. What really struck me about this eBook is the vast ground that these actionable tips covered: from negotiating deals, to leveraging sales technology to using content to influence sales.

“If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. So don’t hold back even if you think you won’t get the answer you want.”
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Mia Dand
CEO Lighthouse3

“To succeed, you must negotiate in all dimensions, recognizing that you can control the scope and sequence of events.”
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Donal Daly
CEO, TAS Group

“It’s not just who you know, but what you know about who you know.”
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Jill Rowley
Social Selling Evangelist and Advisor to Startups

“The fastest path to any decision is a direct one.”
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Trish Bertuzzi
Chief Strategist, The Bridge Group

“Technology that improves reps’ workflow and productivity not only makes them more efficient, but also helps them sell better.”
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Howard Brown
CEO, Revenue.io

“Leverage the administrative assistant as an asset, not a gatekeeper. Assistants are far easier to access.”
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Matt Heinz
CEO, Heinz Marketing

“Even the busiest decision maker can’t resist a personal recommendation.”
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Rohan Ayyar
Marketing Expert and Columnist

“Great content can not only generate leads, but can also be leveraged by sales reps to propel deals forward.”
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Jesse Davis
Senior Content Marketing Manager, Revenue.io

“Sales performance metrics aren’t just for managers – they’re for reps, too.”
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William Tyree
CMO, Revenue.io

“You’re more likely to get what you want when it isn’t something you imminently need.”
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Doug Winter
Founder and CEO, Seismic

“B2B sales is about offering value and being helpful, not pitching products against an aggressive timeline.”
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Howard Brown
CEO, Revenue.io

“Never reach out until you know all the mutual connections you have in common.”
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Mike Derezin
VP, Sales Solutions, LinkedIn

“Vent, Validate, and Value: Avoid trying to solve the problem right way.”

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Colleen Stanley
President, SalesLeadership

Check out Salesforce’s eBook for more awesome tips from sales leaders.