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Revenue Featured in Twilio Showcase

2 min readDecember 30, 2013

Since launching its suite of developers’ tools, companies have used Twilio to build a wide range of cloud-based voice and SMS applications. We chose to incorporate Twilio platform because of their scalable and reliable voice APIs. While many businesses investigate Twilio looking for innovative and reliable telephony solutions. While Twilio offers great options for building your own app, some companies might prefer to invest in a proven product rather than incurring the costs of building a product themselves.

To that end, our partner Twilio recently launched the Twilio Showcase, a one-stop shop for customers seeking pre-built solutions. The solutions featured in Twilio’s showcase offer the reliability of Twilio telephony, but can  democratize the costs of building a from-scratch solution. The Twilio Showcase is a great option for companies looking for new solutions that enhance business communications, security, collaboration, privacy and more. Revenue.io is currently one of the featured companies in the showcase. It’s a perfect example of a solution that offers Twilio-powered enterprise telephony features right out of the box.

Revenue.io Browser SoftphoneOur softphone app for Salesforce delivers crystal clear calls from your Chrome Browser. Inside sales reps can call any lead or contact directly from Salesforce.com, log every call in Salesforce automatically, save call recordings and enjoy smarter conversations thanks to contextual data from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other rich sources of prospect data.

We also offer integrated call tracking solutions enable marketers to make adaptive ad investments based on real-time ROI reporting. Twilio’s telephony APIs enable us to provide our customers with local and toll-free call tracking numbers at a fraction of the cost of other companies.

If you’re looking for a new business communications solution, be sure to check out the Twilio Showcase before building your own to see if Revenue.io or one of Twilio’s partners is already offering a product that fits the bill.