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Introducing our Ultimate Sales Call Cheat Sheet

Revenue Blog  > Introducing our Ultimate Sales Call Cheat Sheet
2 min readOctober 13, 2020

Is your sales team facing increasing competition from similarly-featured competitors? Are you involved in more competitive deals than ever? In a world where the competitive differentiators in most industries are increasingly minuscule, reps have to ensure they master the early stage discovery call.

We are entering an era where discovery calls are even more important than product demos. Why? Because the incredible speed of innovation today, companies rarely have a technological advantage for long. Looking across virtually any B2B company landscape, you’ll see lots of feature parity and overlap, so it’s really up to sales reps to bring the story and context to the customers in a way that feels more relevant than that of their competitors.

That’s why we’ve created The Ultimate Sales Call Discovery Cheat Sheet, where we break down the core objectives that are common to nearly every B2B call, and offer tons of example questions to help navigate through every stage. Even if your reps have hundreds or thousands of discovery calls under their belts, there’s always a new way to phrase something, or a better way to ask.

Download our call checklist if your team:

  • Sells in a highly competitive B2B industry
  • Have been using the same discovery questions for months or years
  • Find that new reps aren’t meeting all their objectives in early-stage calls
  • Know that your less seasoned reps have trouble building the rapport needed to close competitive deals

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working with some of the world’s top sales teams, it’s that early-stage calls are where customer relationships are won or lost forever.

Ready to take things up a level? Download the checklist here.