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Four Ways to Ignite Productivity Using the Salesforce Console

2 min readApril 8, 2015

Salesforce and Revenue.io are both fantastic tools for increasing inside sales reps’ productivity. But there’s a little-known (and free) way to make your inside sales team even more productive: the Salesforce console. Put simply, the Salesforce console offers a way for reps to view Salesforce that is more in tune with actual workflow. It can really help reps working within Salesforce power through lead lists faster, log data more efficiently and view prospect data in context. And when combined with Revenue.io, reps may realize productivity gains.

Here are five ways that the Salesforce console can help your sales team sell more productively.

View List/Record Changes in Real Time

Inside sales can be a team effort. Sometimes multiple sales reps work the same lead list. Other times, sales reps collaborate on deals with Marketing or other departments. By using the console, reps can see visual indicators in real time when either lists or records are updated by others. The result is that reps can be far more agile with their sales activities.

Spend Less Time Switching Between Windows

Switching between multiple windows is always a pain. And during a call, it can be especially frustrating. The console combines a list view with prospect data in a single browser window in order to minimize the amount of time that reps have to spend switching between browser windows.

Quickly Switch Between Related Records

With the console, reps can configure subtabs that enable them to quickly switch between related records. This can be very helpful in B2B sales, where there are multiple stakeholders in every deal. As an example, suppose a rep is selling to a Director of Marketing. Then suppose the Director of Marketing mentions needing to get buy-in from the CMO. The rep could view the CMO’s record without having to navigate to a completely different browser window.

Access Salesforce Knowledge Articles in Context

Salesforce Knowledge is a content management system that’s built into Salesforce. It enables reps to easily access articles that can be used to help close deals. By using the console, reps can quickly access articles within the context of calls in order to help solve prospects’ pain points more effectively. As an example, a rep could quickly access a case study that shows how her company solved a similar pain point to the one that a current prospect is experiencing.

Ready to speed up your reps’ sales process? For help setting up the console in Salesforce click here.

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