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Our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce Just Got More Intelligent for Pardot Customers

Revenue Blog  > Our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce Just Got More Intelligent for Pardot Customers
3 min readDecember 4, 2020

We’re excited to announce that if your company is using Pardot, your sales reps can now not only see past sales emails in their Dialer’s feed, but also emails from your marketing team. We’re excited about this, since the move marks another step forward on our mission to help salespeople provide their customers with the ultimate buying experience.

Here at Revenue.io, our belief is that the conversation is the most powerful part of any sale. But in order to move deals forward, reps should have plenty of contextual data to help understand the state of the relationship before, during and after conversations. That’s why our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce provides Salesforce users with a history of past sales calls and emails, as well as Chatter feeds and other detailed information. The addition of Pardot messages only adds to the rich trove of information available to your reps.

Why Marketing Emails Matter to Sales

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.28.54 AMAs someone with experience in sales and marketing, I can’t overstate how powerful it can be to gain a complete picture of the messaging relationship with your prospects. Pardot users can now quickly view which list emails (mass emails) Marketing has sent to leads, but that’s just the beginning. If your marketing team is sending email responses from web forms (a best practice in many cases), then you can learn a whole lot more about a lead’s preferences. Knowing which eBooks leads download, forms they fill out and trials they sign up for can help reps discern where prospects are in their buying cycle.

As an example, say you sell data security solutions. If you know that a lead downloaded an eBook entitled 10 Things to Do After Your Company’s Data is Hacked you’d probably know that the lead is not just concerned about data security, but that they’ve experienced a real-world threat in the past. The more that a prospect has interacted with marketing, the more you can potentially learn.

Going One Step Further: Using Pardot Data to Prioritize Leads

Simply knowing how leads have interacted with marketing can help reps accelerate deals. But if your marketing team is using Pardot, they also have the opportunity to help reps prioritize leads in real time. If your marketing team is using Pardot, they are hopefully tabulating a lead score based on a lead’s activities. Lead scores are awesome because it helps marketers to determine when to hand leads off to Sales. But what’s really awesome is that the same lead scores that marketers use can be leveraged by sales reps to guess which leads are most sales-ready. As an example, a lead that downloaded three eBooks, signed up for a trial and requested pricing should probably be prioritized over a lead that simply downloaded a couple eBooks.

Here’s how to use Pardot data to prioritize leads. First, make sure there is a field for lead score in your lead lists. Then, sort those lead lists by highest lead score first. After that, Revenue.io’s NextDial feature makes it easy to power through prioritized lead lists with one-click dialing.

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