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Congrats to Twilio on its Stunning IPO

1 min readJune 23, 2016

Years ago, when we were building the original prototype for what would become Revenue.io, we knew that we would have to deliver dramatic gains in productivity, engagement and performance insight for our customers. But we went about that task with the confidence that there was one critical element we didn’t have to worry about: finding high-quality voice carriers for our customers. Why? Because our partner, Twilio, had already figured it out.

Last year we were able to return the favor as Twilio became a Revenue.io customer. We’re incredibly proud of the fact that Twilio’s sales team uses the very products they helped us build. Thanks in large part to Twilio, today we can not only offer an all-in-one sales acceleration & voice communications platform out of the box, but also integrate our productivity and engagement tools with any telephony system.

Now, at long last, Twilio is getting the public recognition it deserves. The company went public today in the first successful tech IPO of 2016. Congrats to Jeff Lawson and the entire team.