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Revenue Product Update: Call Tracking for Bing and Salesforce

3 min readJanuary 7, 2014

2020 update: This post contains legacy content regarding Revenue.io features. For the most recent up-to-date information about Revenue.io, please check out our amazing solutions at www.revenue.io


Revenue.io has always given marketers the ability to track the ROI on calls from  search marketing, including Google AdWords, Yahoo and Bing. But as of today, Revenue.io now offers Bing paid search customers the ability to track call analytics data at a greatly increased level of detail. Our easy-to-use Bing wizard  offers more insight and flexibility than ever before, enabling Bing customers to track at the keyword, campaign and channel level.


Why Marketers Love Bing

It’s not hard to see why many marketers endorse Bing as a vital ad channel. Bing controls 17.9% of the market share for paid search, and it’s growing — up 2% since last year. When working on the agency side, I also noticed that certain clients enjoyed a better overall ROI with Bing marketing than AdWords, despite the fact that Google boasts a sprawling share of the PPC market. But as with AdWords, it’s easy to track how Bing efforts drive clicks and online conversions, but visibility is routinely lost the second a prospect sees your number and gives you a call.

Knowing which Bing ads deliver the most valuable calls helps you to make smarter investments. And if you’re tracking calls in Salesforce, then you gain the power to optimize your ad spend in real time. This functionality can be a game-changer for any business managing ads in Bing, and a life-saver depending on the size of your budget.

How to Accelerate ROI by Tracking Calls in Bing

Bing_Ads_TrackingImagine a scenario where you are managing Bing ads for a financial services company. Suppose you’re running a Bing campaign to generate leads interested in loan refinancing. You might notice that your Bing campaign isn’t driving a lot of online leads. Ordinarily, you might decrease your investment in this campaign and put your budget into other channels like inbound marketing or radio ads. But what if this campaign was not only generating a lot of phone calls, but these calls were really paying off, driving fantastic returns? With Revenue.io, you could quickly identify the value of your Bing campaign and realize that it is worth your investment and then some.

Our wizard even gives you the granularity to track at the keyword level. For example, you could see that “mortgage refinancing” offers better ROI than “refinance mortages” and adjust your ad budget accordingly.

Gain 360 Degrees of Bing Visibility

With Revenue.io’s Bing tracking wizard, gaining a 360-degree view of your Bing ROI couldn’t be simpler. First, just enter the campaign, ad group or keyword you’d like to track. Then select the match type (exact, broad or phrase). Then simply choose if you want to provision a local or toll free number associated with that keyword. Then, when prospects click through to your page, they’ll see a unique number. Marketers will get a real-time view in Salesforce.com of not only which Bing efforts are driving the most calls, but also the most opportunities and revenue.

Best of all, our Bing tracking wizard is included in our marketing package at no additional cost. So if you’re already using Revenue.io to bring phone calls into the measurable marketing funnel, you now have increased visibility at your fingertips.


To learn more or to see a demo, contact Revenue.io Sales.

For more information about call tracking, check out our whitepaper, Using Call Tracking to Build a Complete Marketing Automation Solution.