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How to Accelerate Pipeline with a Dedicated Lead Response Team

2 min readApril 23, 2014

In our last eBook, we asked 20 top sales leaders to reveal their biggest productivity secrets. Something that several of them mentioned was the power of breaking an inside sales team into specialized roles such as prospectors, inbound lead qualifiers and account executives. Many sales leaders agree that sales role specialization is the best way to ensure that your closers have a steady stream of qualified opportunities to sell to. Some of the most successful companies around (such as salesforce.com) have seen massive revenue growth through sales role specialization.  And while many of our customers understand that dividing sales teams into dedicated roles can improve pipeline, we’ve received lots of questions about where to begin.

Our newest free eBook kicks off our series on role specialization, addressing one of the most important specialty roles in sales: the lead response team.

Lead Response is a Full-Time Job

If your company is like most, your marketing team is investing serious resources into advertising, content marketing, email, direct mail and a host of other efforts designed to provide sales reps with hot inbound leads. Inbound leads are often the most sales-ready. However, one of the biggest mistakes most companies make is lacking an optimized process for converting leads that fill out forms, download content and pick up their phones to call. Hiring a dedicated lead response team and supporting them with the right technology is the best way to ensure that every inbound lead is accounted for and qualified. The result is that you can ensure your account executives have the opportunities they need to succeed. Lead response is a full-time job. And it’s not one that should be handled by your quota-carrying account executives.

Our latest eBook, Accelerating Pipeline with a Dedicated Lead Response Team, is your definitive guide to building a team of lead response specialists from the ground up.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • When it’s time to hire your first lead response rep
  • How many lead response reps your company should hire
  • The most important lead response metrics to track
  • Advanced tips for qualifying and converting inbound leads into opportunities

You’ll quickly learn how to leverage a lead response team to create more opportunities than ever for your account executives. Download Accelerating Pipeline with a Dedicated Lead Response Team today to grow pipeline and take the guesswork out of sales.