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5 Ways Revenue Can Help You Scale Your Sales Team

4 min readMay 24, 2024

Anyone in sales can likely attest, expanding and scaling a sales team is a challenge. To properly grow your team, you first must find the right candidates, interview, and hire them. Then, you must get your new reps onboard, familiar with your sales stack, trained, and ready to sell. This process can take a single rep six months or more before they fully ramp and hit quota.

Two of the most significant challenges in a new hire are getting your reps acquainted with your sales process and instituting a coaching program. Revenue.io helps streamline your onboarding process, provides access to knowledge, and allows for self-coaching through simple onboarding, call recording, and sales analytics so you can scale your sales team faster and more effectively than ever. Here’s how:

Easy Onboarding

First, Revenue.io doesn’t add any extra burden to your new reps. When it’s time for them to get on Revenue.io, they download the Chrome Extension and log in with their Salesforce credentials. Since ease of use is one of the critical factors in sales application adoption, Revenue.io is designed to be as straightforward and effortless to use as possible. The Intelligent Dialer has an intuitive interface so reps can use it immediately.

When reps spend less time learning your sales applications, they spend more time learning how to sell.

Encourage Teamwork

Scale Sales Team Revenue.ioA sales team is truly all about the team. We don’t believe that the sink or swim culture is effective, instead we feel that sales team performance is maximized when reps work together. Verne Hanish, author of Scaling Up says, “You cross this kind of crazy point about 70 employees, where you don’t know everybody’s name anymore, and that’s where your culture can start to leak.”  That’s why Revenue.io includes features to help your reps learn and work collaboratively.

In the platform, all reps are assigned to teams. Teammates either listen in on each other’s live calls, or hear recorded versions after the phone is hung up. This provides several benefits. New salespeople can listen in on senior reps’ calls to hear how they solve problems, address concerns, handle competition, and overcome objections. Another option is to have your new reps listen to each other’s calls and coach themselves. This creates a positive learning experience for everyone involved, builds team cohesion, and creates a culture of coaching.

Coach Reps to Success

When your new reps begin to make their own sales calls, the reality is their sales pitch will be unrefined. As a sales manager, you can use live monitoring and call recordings to perfect their pitches just like your reps use them to learn from their peers.

Call recordings are especially effective for a team that’s scaling. You probably don’t have time to sit and listen to every single one of your rep’s live calls, but with call recording, you can listen on your own time. In Revenue.io, providing feedback is easy. You simply annotate each call with tips and suggestions as you listen. Afterward, reps can review your notes on these calls to get feedback. This allows you to coach a large number of calls very quickly. You can even run reports on your notes to track progress and ensure that reps are reading your notes and improving.

Leverage Powerful Sales Analytics

The power of analytics for scaling your sales team is twofold. First, it gives you instantaneous insight into your team’s performance. Second, it allows reps to hold themselves accountable.

If you bring on many new reps quickly, the sheer number can cause complete chaos. There can be organizational problems, management issues, and decreased sales performance. However, with dashboards specifically made to catch and diagnose these problems, out-of-the-box reports can actively monitor critical sales metrics on both a team and individual rep level. With these reports, you understand at a glance how your team is functioning and if a rep is falling behind.

When you provide reps access to their own dashboards, an amazing thing happens — they can monitor their performance and become more data-centric overall. When reps see how they stack up against other team members, they can quickly identify areas of improvement to hit their performance goals.

In many cases, access to these reports helps train reps over time. Reps may be able to self-diagnose when they call at the wrong time of day, fail to pitch well, leave ineffective voicemails, and so on. This self-coaching relieves sales managers’ pressure so they can focus on coaching more complex issues and grow the team while maintaining its effectiveness.

Scale Internationally with Local Presence

Expanding a company into a different state or country is no simple task, but Revenue.io can make it easier. It helps create more connections and generate business in your new location. By now local presence is a common feature, but most local dialing solutions still don’t work internationally. With Revenue.io, however, you can call with every local area code in the US, UK, and over 50 other countries in EMEA and APAC.

Whether you plan to add a new office location or expand your selling territory, Revenue.io ensures that you still see the benefits of local presence dialing in your new location.

Scaling a sales team is easier when you have a partner. Revenue.io gives you a more efficient and effective coaching program to expand your team, ensure every rep is onboarded properly, and still hit your sales goals.