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How to Leave the Perfect Sales Voicemail

What does it take to leave a sales voicemail that inspires prospects to call back? In this transformative webinar How to Leave the Perfect Sales Voicemail, Revenue.io CEO Howard Brown, and RingLead CEO, Donato Diorio, break sales voicemails down to a science.

Donato Diorio

CEO, RingLead

Howard Brown

Founder and CEO, Revenue.io

Voicemails are still one of the most important ways to engage sales prospects. But leaving voicemails can be time-consuming. In fact, the average sales rep spends 25 hours a month just leaving voicemails. But this informative webinar shows how sales reps can leave more voicemails than ever while ensuring that they are personalized and consistently superb.
Webinar topics include essential voicemail metrics that will transform the way you lead your sales team, how to measure and test different voicemail messages, the best and worst times to leave voicemails, what you should always and never say in voicemail messages, and how to use voicemail automation to save valuable sales time.