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Faster Sales Onboarding

Hear Bryan Naas, Director of Sales Enablement at Lessonly, Meganne Brezina, Senior Manager of Sales Enablement at Emarsys, and Scott Logan, Head of Demand Generation at Revenue.io as they share insights gleaned from years of experience on how do sales development reps build a healthy pipeline, what should you think about as you build or expand your sales teams, strategies for retaining sales development reps and reducing churn and how to maximize prospecting with new salespeople.

Bryan Naas

Director of Sales Enablement, Lessonly

Meganne Brezina

Senior Manager of Sales Enablement, Emarsys

Scott Logan

Head of Demand Generation & Sales Enablement, Revenue.io

Overcome Common Sales Onboarding Challenges

The sales development team has established itself as the cornerstone of successful sales organizations; a recent study found that 88% of companies consider their sales development team a key channel of their sales strategy. However, one of the most pressing challenges for sales teams is helping new salespeople reach quota and gain productivity earlier in their tenure.
A poor sales onboarding process can reduce your sales pipeline, weaken revenue growth, and make it difficult to recruit well-developed talent to your organization. The success of many sales organizations depends on strengthening this core area.