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Transform Your Team's Customer Appreciation Skills in One Hour With This Workshop Kit

Customer appreciation is an immensely important, but often forgotten value for a sales team culture. Research shows that improvements in sales gratitude have a direct correlation to better sales outcomes and longer customer retention.

Expressing gratitude creates happier customers, as well as more satisfied employees and teammates. It also paves the way to sales coaching, stronger customer relationships, and a more robust culture that people want to be a part of.

Whether planning next year’s sales kickoff or just next week’s sales team meeting, now is the perfect time schedule a customer appreciation workshop.

This kit contains the complete materials needed to transform your team’s perspective on customer appreciation. The kit is designed based on the latest psychology research on gratitude and our own learnings from 60 million conversations.

This free download includes everything you need to lead your team to change their approach to customer appreciation in the next few months. We provide all the tools necessary to prepare everyone for a 1-hour, discussion-driven intensive meeting, the meeting materials, and next steps to make sure the team maintains their progress over the following months.
We have designed it to help you identify performance gaps that can be improved by the usage of gratitude. Your team will be happier, performance will improve, and customer retention will increase.

Inside the exercise you will find:

For the sales leader: A brief guide for facilitating the exercise with your team
As pre-workshop work: A psychology-based sales gratitude assessment, so each team member will enter the workshop with an awareness of where they need to improve their customer appreciation

The intensive workshop: a suggested meeting schedule, a series of discussion questions, and action item commitments for your team to do afterwards

Download the sales gratitude exercise today to reinvigorate your sales culture and boost satisfaction.