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Conversational Roadmap Worksheet

Scripts are great, but they leave little room for flexibility or spontaneity on sales calls. The solution lies in conversational roadmaps, which have moveable pieces that adapt to the natural flow of a call. Learn more about roadmaps and make your own with this handy worksheet!

If you’re looking for a way to have authentic conversations that are still optimized for revenue, then conversational roadmaps are exactly what you need. In this worksheet, we’ll first walk you through what the pieces of a successful roadmap are. Then we’ll give you plenty of examples for what sorts of conversational prompts could be used for each piece of the roadmap, and finally you’ll have a chance to create your own tailored roadmap.
It’s time for an alternative to scripts. Download this now if you’re an SDR or AE wanting to up your game, or if you’re a sales manager wanting to equip your team with the best tools for sales calls.