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Revenue.io reviews

Revenue.io reviews and kind words from delighted customers.

"Revenue.io is a completely transformative solution for inside sales teams that helps reps close more deals."
Jeff Lawson is theCEO at Twilio
"With insights from Revenue.io, our reps onboard more quickly and connect with customers sooner...Since we can identify specific focus areas to coach around, it's resulted in faster ramping of reps and increased time savings."
Patrick Buckley is theHead of Sales Development at Twilio
"We use Revenue.io to connect our selling motions with Salesforce to drive automation, efficiency, and scale. Salesforce doesn't have anything that is nearly as fluid or complete as what Revenue.io has to offer."
Dana Clark is theDirector of Sales Process and Capabilities at Nutanix
"Revenue.io is our lifeline... With all of the ways we’ve improved with Revenue.io, we were able to actually increase our quota."
Stephanie Sullivan is theDirector of Growth Operations at ChowNow
"One of the biggest things that drove us to Revenue.io was the ability to listen to reps’ conversations in real-time. We can now spend more time coaching and less time waiting for a rep to identify a meaningful call to join."
Jen Schlueter is theSenior Manager, Strategic Projects & PMO at Cvent
"Revenue.io is the very first sales system that I have just been unequivocally happy with and would recommend to everyone."
Tommy McNulty is theVP of Sales & Customer Success at Fundera
"Revenue.io was our best sales productivity investment this year."
Scott Clugston is theDirector of Sales at Freshbooks
"Revenue.io call data is something we could not live without."
Erik Kostelnik is theHead of Sales at Wrike
"The data shows that all the key metrics of selling, including win rates, are improved when you respond to leads faster."
Kraig Swensrud is theFounder of Qualified
"Simply the best inside sales solution for Salesforce. With Revenue.io, our team is reaching customers much more often and winning more deals. The streamlined visibility into all our call conversion metrics is an incredibly powerful benefit."
Sean Whiteley is theFounder of Qualified
"Revenue.io enables our reps to rapidly respond to new leads."
Bonnie Worthington is theSalesforce Team Manager at WorkWave
"Revenue.io allows us to do live call coaching and complete our dials remotely from anywhere…Everyone gets weekly hour-long call sessions. We've been able to keep doing that from home with Revenue.io."
Alicia Woerner is theInside Sales Development Manager at Nutanix
"Revenue.io helps us to maximize our ROI in Salesforce by ensuring the data we’re capturing is accurate and complete, providing us with a 360-degree view of the customer."
Mark Petroni is theSr. Manager of Business Intelligence at OrthoFX
"Revenue.io makes our team more productive and helps our reps learn from top performers. We now convert 25% of our leads."
Timothy Trainor is theVP of Sales Operations at Rich Uncles
"If we did not have Revenue.io today, management would not have the visibility into team performance that they need to move the needle dramatically."
Katie Nichols is theRevenue Operations Manager at Starburst Data
"Revenue.io has been a game changer for our business. The Revenue platform ensures a seamless flow of sales activity data into Salesforce, eliminating manual sales activities."
David House is theVP, Enterprise Sales at BuildASign.com
"Revenue.io has vastly improved our sales team’s productivity and efficiency. It’s our most instrumental and important investment."
Babak Badkube is theHead of Inside Sales at Netskope
"It would’ve taken 90 days for our sales team to audit calls on their own. With Conversation AI, it only took us a day to get the data we needed."
Chris Casa is theSenior Manager, Sales Enablement at Equity Trust