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Revenue.io for Energy Companies

Empower Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy Sales and Customer Success Teams with AI

Learn how we help both traditional and renewable energy companies improve customer experiences and drive revenue.


Increase in Booked Appointments YoY


Increase in Call Volume


Reduced Compliance Fine Risk Per Month

Learn how we help oil, gas and renewable energy companies improve customer experiences and drive revenue

Replace Outdated Sales Technology and Increase Productivity

Revenue.io replaces outdated sales tech with a complete AI-powered platform for sales engagement, conversation intelligence and real-time guidance.

Improve Sales Performance

Identify the habits of top performers and scale them across every single conversation.

Respond to Hot Leads Instantly

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has created massive opportunities, but competition remains high. Revenue.io ensures that hot leads never slip through the cracks by bringing hot inbound leads to the top of reps’ queue.

Reduce Compliance Risk from ESG and Other Regulations

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters and other regulations like TCPA create huge risks for companies that fall out of compliance. Revenue.io can help companies enforce compliance policies at scale with real-time reminders during live conversations.

Deliver 24/7 automated CRM data capture

Struggling with CRM adoption? Not a problem! Revenue.io automatically captures and enters all relevant sales, customer success and marketing interactions from voice, video and text into your CRM.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

38% of renewable, gas and oil companies report rising customer acquisition costs. Revenue.io helps reduce acquisition costs by delivering the live conversation guidance reps need to book

Be Prepared to Beat the Competition

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is creating unprecedented demand for energy solutions. Do you have the right technological infrastructure in place to convert that demand? Yesterday’s sales tools are no longer good enough. Revenue.io delivers a powerful AI-powered platform so you capture maximum market share before your competitors get there first.

Reinforce Compliance at Scale

Every month oil, natural gas and renewable energy companies can be at risk for millions of dollars in compliance violations related to environmental, social and governance matters, including disclosure requirements. Revenue.io can help remind reps when they fail to disclose crucial information during conversations.

Maximize Rep Productivity

In a high-volume industry, productivity isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s essential. Revenue.io can radically increase call volume by automating tedious tasks, improving dialing speed and reducing time it takes to prepare for conversations.

Coach Reps to Success at Scale

Revenue.io takes the guesswork out of sales coaching. Dozens of turnkey dashboards reveal exactly why A-players keep winning, so you can scale greatness across every single conversation your team has.

Automate Conversation Follow-Up Emails

Move deals forward and save reps up to 33 hours a month by completely automating conversation summary emails using the power of generative AI.

Help Enforce Compliance Behavior and Data Integrity at Scale

Download our security and compliance fact sheet to see why we’re trusted by the world’s most successful companies.

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