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The 2020 Sales Prospecting Performance Report

Do you ever find yourself wondering how to structure your day as a salesperson? Do you wonder if you are making calls or sending emails at the right time? Do you wish you knew exactly how many emails are optimal, or how many outbound calls would help you meet your goals?

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The 2020 Sales Prospecting Performance Report is our answer to all of these questions and more. Drawing on real data from millions of calls, texts, emails, and more made through our platform, we are thrilled to share with you the data-backed insights and critical points that will empower your prospecting efforts in 2020.

Download the ebook now to draw on AI-powered insights that will fuel your revenue generation this year!

This ebook is filled with data-driven insights, including:

  • The best times to call and email in 2020, according to data
  • The optimal sales call length, and how to apply that research to your process
  • How to balance talking, listening, and monologues in your sales conversations
  • What metrics top performers are using to measure their success
  • The most valued skills for salespeople in 2020
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