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You Are Your Greatest Sales Asset. Invest Your Time, Effort and Money into Training and Developing You! with Tom Hopkins [Episode 64]

Tom Hopkins is the author of one of the most influential and all-time best-selling sales books How To Master The Art Of Selling. He has trained hundreds of thousands of sales people around the world.

In this episode, Tom shares his secrets for turning yourself into a world-class sales performer. He shares why you need to have a purpose in business and life, beyond just being motivated by money, if you really want to succeed in sales. He shares a great strategy about how to tap into the people in your network to get the straight talk feedback you need to improve. He describes the four types of goals you need to set in place in order to put yourself on the path for success. And he shares some effective tools that you can use to calculate the economic value of a “no” and use that information to turn future rejection into orders.

If you haven’t read Tom’s book, you should. But in the meantime make sure that you listen to our conversation. It will help you be a much better seller in 2016. Sales leaders and sales reps need to listen to this game-changing episode!