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Winning the Six-Figure Sale, with Jeff Goldstein [Episode 951]

Jeff Goldstein is the founder of SalesLeadersOnly.com. And author of a new book titled, “Winning the Six-Figure Sale: A Sales Leaders Guide to WIN More Big Deals With My Proven 3-Step System.”

Winning big deals (consistently) is problematic for many organizations. In today’s conversation Jeff shares that problems starts with sales leaders. They may have experience and instinct but very little training or structured planning around big deal management. In his research he found that 50% of sales leader’s quarterly sales funnel were made up of less than 10–20 big deals. Yet 95% of them had no structured process or system to inspect, assess and coach their teams through the big deals in their funnels! So, we dive into Jeff’s 3 step system for sales managers to use to improve their big deal forecast accuracy and win rates by helping their teams execute better.

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