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Why Aren’t There More Women In Sales? w/ Lori Richardson [Episode 19]

Why aren’t there more women in sales? That’s the question my guest, Lori Richardson (the founder and CEO of Score More Sales, a sales training firm, and President of Women Sales Pros) tackles in this episode. Women are still dramatically under-represented in sales. And, in this episode, Lori shares her own journey as a single mother through the ranks of the sales profession, overcoming the numerous obstacles placed in her way to become the founder and CEO of her own sales training company.

Lori gets into the details about why sales is such a desirable profession for women to enter. But she also explores the barriers that are still placed in their way and talks about the efforts of the Women Sales Pros, a national association dedicated to the support, mentoring and education of women sales professionals, to expand their opportunities for employment and advancement. This is essential listening for all sales leaders!