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What You Can Learn About Sales Acceleration from Political Campaigns (Which is a Lot) w/ Todd Schnick [Episode 48]

Todd Schnick, is the founder and CEO of IntrepidNow Media. He learned about accelerated sales and marketing strategies from his experience as a senior political operative and campaign consultant in the front lines of some of the most competitive campaigns ever. (Think “hanging chads”).

In this episode Todd talks about the steps required to sell a candidate, which takes place in a very compressed period of time, and how it relates to selling your product or service. He provides a fascinating look at the process campaigns use to identify the ideal customer profile, conduct in-depth discovery of customer needs, construct and test a compelling message, and effectively qualify and communicate with the right prospects. And he shows how it all relates back to selling your product or a service to crazy busy prospects who are pressed for time.

You definitely want to listen to this episode.