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Want to Really Kick-start Your Sales in 2016? Commit Yourself to Positive Change! w/ Jeb Blount [Episode 61]

In this special first episode of 2016, Jeb Blount, CEO of Sales Gravy and best-selling author of multiple books including his latest best-selling book Fanatical Prospecting, describes the most essential changes that sales reps must commit to making to in order to achieve their goals in 2016. He describes why every seller needs to have a sales plan for 2016 and why that planning needs to be completed right now, at the start of the sales year.

Jeb details the two courageous sales resolutions that every sales rep should commit to making this year to continuously improve their performance. And, he sets the expectation for every sales rep, right here at the beginning of this sales year, in terms of the level of investment they must make in their own success. If you want to be a top performer, Jeb will tell you exactly how much you should expect to invest in your own success this year.

If you’re a manager, or an individual sales professional, this is a must listen episode to kick off your new sales year. Don’t miss it!