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Verifying Top Sales Performers, with Feargall Kenny [Episode 952]

Feargall Kenny is the President of Glenborn Corporation, a recruiting firm based in NYC that focuses on top SaaS sales talent. He’s also the founder of a new service called Verified Performers, which he believes has the potential to disrupt the landscape of sales recruiting. The way it works is that candidates have to agree to submit a form to the IRS requesting they provide tax returns to Verified Performer, then Verified Performers provides the verification of income to the prospective employer.

In many states as an employer you can’t ask about previous income. But if you’re a seller, you can be completely transparent and provide it. Now you can do that securely. Of course, it’s not entirely clear that W2 data by itself, without context, tells the hiring manager what they think it does. So Feargall and I dig into how to evaluate and use this information within the context of the hiring process. To me this is an important first step to injecting much needed transparency into the hiring process.

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