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The Swagger Mindset of Top Performers. With Joe Gianni [Episode 506]

Joe Gianni, CEO and President of 2logical Inc., a training company, based in Rochester, NY, and author of Swagger: The Way of the Sway to Sales and Life Success, joins me on this episode.


Joe says the single biggest challenge facing sales reps is coping with the pressure to change and keep developing themselves to sell. There is tremendous competition. You need extreme talent to win. Find your potential “to be lethal.”

Sales reps are heavily steeped in skill and process training. Only those with the highest motivational intelligence master the fundamental skills of peak performers to become the 20%. Joe calls motivation the heart of the champion.

Motivation can be developed through a thought sequence that leads to a recognition of core fundamental things. Joe explains these fundamentals, starting with creation.

Creation can be asking a sales team: Instead of the least they can do as a team, what is the most they can do? Do they envision themselves as being the number one salespeople? The ‘top’ are the ones who think about it when they wake up.

It’s easy to follow the path of least resistance. People don’t recognize that they can dream big, and follow those big dreams. Dream based on who you need to become to make the dream happen, not on who you are today. Have self-belief.

Swagger is the difference in the mindset shared by peak performers in any walk in life. They have a different way to interpret the environment. They don’t react as others do in challenges. They have a different internal dialog of risk taking.

Arrogance is not the intended meaning of swagger. The most successful people have a different way of dealing with their environments, that they use to develop to their full potential.

Swagger is a tolerance of ambiguity. Masters in sales have mastered the fundamentals. It is not magic, it is the mastery, first of their own thinking, and then of the fundamental skill sets of success.

Governing core beliefs: Creation, Unlimited Potential, Results are a Consequence of Cause and Effect, (regardless of how uncomfortable the needed cause may be). Luck only works when it means Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.

The fourth core belief: Self-esteem/self-efficacy. To kick people to a higher level of productivity, kick their self-concept to a bigger level. Big sales are made by big people. Big opportunities are captured by big people. Learn and win.

Feedback needs to be integrated into what you do. Invest in your personal development. Before you can have, you need to become. You need to the talents that lead to what you want to have. Joe tells a client story. Get out of your way.

The fifth core belief: Break out of your comfort zone. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. A comfort zone is an imaginary self-limit. You are capable of so much more. It is necessary to face fears and push against them.