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The Structure of a Closing Call. With Kayvon [Episode 573]

Kayvon, The One Call Closer™, International Sales Trainer, Speaker, and Consultant, joins me on this episode.


Kayvon says the single biggest challenge facing sales reps today is that the buyer has the power, based on the knowledge they learn before contacting the sales rep. The way to sell is to create a trusted relationship with the prospect.

Kayvon, a.k.a. The One Call Closer™, explains his name.

Kayvon describes how he harnesses ADD/ADHD. The schools did not serve him. He learned as an adult to do things his way and that ADD/ADHD is part of his entrepreneurial make-up. He works using his energies and passions.

The One Call Closer™ System is a methodology based on Kayvon’s 19 years of sales experience, and his work with mentors and sales gurus. He claims unmatched success with it for high-ticket closing, against using old closing techniques.

Kayvon calls the prospects for his clients with offerings of $5K or higher and closes a sale in one 30-to-45-minute call.

Kayvon lists the problems old-style sales reps run into on their calls. First, don’t speak exuberantly, and don’t speak more than 20% of the call. Ask all the right questions.

Kayvon reconciles how The One Call Closer™ System provides service. He has three requirements of his clients and three questions to ask himself before taking a sales project. It is always a helpful solution to a problem the prospect has.

Kayvon does not do cold calls. He works with people already in the sales funnel. Closing involves a critical exchange point, or a transfer of value.

The One Call Closer™ System is not a selling system. At the end of the conversation, Kayvon congratulates the customer for getting a solution that helps them.

The first step in a call is the introduction to set the stage. Then come a few questions, the solution, and the agreement. A person who will not answer questions is not the right person to continue the call or buy the offering.

Kayvon tells why thought leaders delegate the closing to him. He discusses the process of choosing prospects to call. Kayvon helps winners to win more. Thought leaders need to spend their time on coaching and training, not on closing.

Kayvon explains how a script works for high-ticket offerings, such as a four-day event for $20K. The events are transformational entrepreneurial experiences. Kayvon says, to make $10 million, hang out with people who make $10 million.