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The “Sales Sabbatical” is Coming, with Jeff Riseley [Episode 921]

Jeff Riseley is the founder of the Sales Health Alliance. Today we are talking about the long term ramifications of this last year on salespeople. Few companies have acknowledged this extraordinary situation and most are pushing harder than ever. We dive into why Jeff believes that sellers are relying too heavily on willpower to push through their work tasks and are unable to rest and recover effectively. In his mind, this means an overcorrection is coming. Jeff believes that one outcome of this will be a sizable increase in what he calls “sales sabbaticals” AKA – top salespeople deciding to take a break. We talk about why he believes this is going to rock the workforce and sales teams all over the world. We also dive into what sales managers need to be doing, right now, to create a sales environment where they can balance the stress and the need for performance.