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The Queen of Cold Calling, with Wendy Weiss [Episode 896]

Wendy Weiss is the President of ColdCallingResults.com. And has been called The Queen of Cold Calling. So, one guess what we’re talking about today? That’s right. Cold calling. We dive into the lessons Wendy’s learned from her clients about how cold calling has changed during the pandemic. And she shares her recommendations for sellers regarding how to elevate their effectiveness in reaching out to prospects in our new sales environment. We dig into why Wendy believes that cold calling is the perfect way to build relationships. And Wendy shares a number of very practical cold calling tips such as: The specific skill sets you need to be effective at setting meetings. When not to have a sales conversation. Why you should always leave a voicemail and follow it up with an email. What should be in your call script (and why it’s less than you think.) Lots of great practical takeaways today.