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The Power of Clarity, with Ann Latham [Episode 964]

Ann Latham is the president of Uncommon Clarity and author of The Power of Clarity: Unleash the True Potential of Workplace Productivity, Confidence, and Empowerment. In today’s conversation Ann and I talk about the importance of clarity (uncommon clarity, as she calls it) in our communications. We then get into the costs that flow from a lack of clarity.

I love this quote from Ann’s book, “You can’t see what you don’t understand. But what you think you already understand, you’ll fail to notice.” That’s a trap that sellers fall into all the time. We dig into that. Then, one of the impacts of disclarity, as Ann calls it, is an increase in the percent of your time that you spend on non-productive tasks. Like sellers who only spend a third of their time actually selling. A lot of that non-sales time flows from the lack of clarity in setting priorities. Finally we get into why motivation and engagement are a consequence of clarity, not a prerequisite; and why the moments that matter in sales require what Ann calls clarity-in-the-moment.

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