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The Limitations of Social Selling and How to Effectively Integrate It Into Your Sales Process w/ Barb Giamanco [Episode 29]

Barb Giamanco, President of Social Centered Selling, is one of the leading industry experts on social selling. A pioneer in integrating social media into selling, Barb kicks off this information-packed episode by clearly spelling out for you both the value, and the limitations, of social selling. She describes the power of social selling and how you should use it to make connections, develop relationships and open the door to having substantive sales conversations with your prospects.

Listen as Barb tells you how to make social a part of your overall sales plan and integrate it into an effective sales process. Social is a powerful tool. But as you’ll learn from Barb in this episode, it’s just one of the sales tools you need to succeed in today’s sales environment. If you want to learn how to most effectively use social selling in your sales efforts, don’t miss this!