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The Essential Ingredients of Effective Sales Presentations That Win Deals w/ Patricia Fripp [Episode 74]

In this episode, Patricia Fripp, President of Fripp & Associates, past President of the National Speakers Association, and one of the leading speaking/presentation coaches, talks how to build effective sales presentations that win more deals. Patricia describes how to avoid sounding just like everyone else when presenting to clients. And she shares why “prospects would rather have a good listening to than a good talking to” and how that will shape exactly how you should present to prospects. Included among the topics we discuss are:

  • The secrets of teaching young sales professionals how to be effective presenters to seasoned, experienced prospects
  • A process to build effective sales presentations
  • An effective opening line that will surprise you
  • When and how to use visual aids (hint: stop using so many PowerPoint slides!)
  • How to personalize virtual presentations

This episode is a must listen for anyone in sales that makes sales presentations to prospects. Or manages those who do!