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The Comparison of Tools for Sales Productivity: Now and Then w/ Micheline Nijmeh [Episode 139]

Micheline Nijmeh is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at LiveHive, a unified Sales Acceleration Platform that delivers buyer-side analytics. In today’s episode we discuss the many definitions of tools for sales productivity.

Episode Bullet Points

  • When it comes to sales, what did we do better then, that we aren’t doing now?
  • Why is it important to have the right story?
  • Why are inside sales reps flourishing over field reps?
  • Learn why consistency is important throughout the entire sales team.
  • What does buyer-side analytics mean and why is this important?

When it comes to sales. What did we do better then, that we aren’t doing now?

Companies used to spend a lot of time knowing their business. They would focus on knowing their market, knowing who their competitors are, and building relationships. Back then, there were more field reps than inside reps. Salespeople would make sure their demos were superb. It would take days to create a killer demo.

Why is it important to have the right story?

Salespeople need to build credibility. They need to build that connection immediately and don’t spit out great words just to get them to connect with you. Reps need to really understand their prospects’ challenges.

What is different in the on-boarding process?

Inside sales has become popular and prevalent. Companies are hiring younger and less experienced people. They are trying to get tools to help them on-board to help make that connection. It takes 7 months to get a rep to the productive level. Businesses are buying tools left and right! Tools have grown immensely. The categories are starting to merge together now.

What is the first thing you want to prioritize when buying tools?

Think of it as a three-legged stool. Marketing Automation helps fill the top of the funnel, CRM is at the bottom of the funnel, and Sales Acceleration (Prospecting, Qualification, Closing) is the Middle.

What does buyer-side analytics mean and why is this important?

LiveHive does buyer-side analytics. Automation, where it is automatically tracked by the behavior of the rep and the behavior of the prospect with the rep. It’s not just that alone, it is also the automation combined with analytics. This helps sales teams with prospecting and outreaching to prospects more intelligently.

What is the difference between seller-side and buyer-side?

The CRM gives you analytics from the seller-side for the most part. The sales reps have to input the data. CRM understands what the salesperson is doing. The buyer-side understands the effectiveness of your sales rep. By tracking the engagement of the buyer with the rep, it gives your team the insights on how they should follow up with the prospect based on the behavior of the buyer. It gives them buyer-side for the rep but also gives you analytics and visibility for the manager.

Learn More About Micheline Nijmeh:

What’s the most powerful sales tool?

Internet research

Who’s your sales role model?

Linda Crawford at SalesForce

What’s the one book that every sales person should read? 

Everyone should join LiveHive’s Sales Book Leadership Club, called The Scribe.

What’s your favorite music to get you pumped up?