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The Best Strategies for Putting Out RevOps Fires [Ep. 90]

Sometimes your career evolves into something you never would have expected. In this compelling episode, join Alastair and Howard as they delve into the fascinating journey of Darren Fay, from firefighting to Director of Revenue Operations & Intelligence at Instructure. Together, they discuss the urgent need for data governance in the face of burgeoning AI technologies and the pivotal role of revenue operations in the management of this data. From Darren’s insights into strategic approaches to RevOps to a deep dive into the role of dashboards and data in driving behavior change, this episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to navigate the intersection of technology, data, and business.

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Alastair Woolcock (CRO, Revenue.io)

Howard Brown (CEO, Revenue.io)


And our Special Guest:

Darren Fay (Dir. of Revenue Operations & Intelligence, Instructure)


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